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Everything starts somewhere, and this dream started with a 4 year old boy
being taught how to ski by his… Read More

Welcome to Our Lodge! Everything starts somewhere, and this dream started with a 4 year old boy being taught how to ski on timber skis by his 6 year old cousin in the Cedars Snowy Mountains of Lebanon. It was a pre-requisite for that now grown up little boy that his future wife be a skier for their relationship to work. His love for the sport was infectious, we followed the snow and made this passion part of our lifestyle.

However, there was always the three other seasons in the year that left a longing for the snow and this became the driving engine behind finding a similar release that was attainable and available any day, any time and in the heart of Sydney. Our personal experiences birthed Off-Piste Ski and Snowboard Simulators, carving the slopes in our backyards in breathtaking virtual reality.

We look forward to sharing the experience.



The OFF-PISTE Method

The OFF-PISTE Method has 4 pillars to ensure anyone can enjoy their time at the snow


With our tailored approach and personalised advice learn how to maximise your personal potential on the slopes like you never thought before.


Regular training on our simulators led by our expert instructors will give you the best chance of getting you snow-ready.


Combine the potential and the consistent training to improve your stamina, endurance and skills while decreasing injuries & muscle aches. 


The feeling you get during and after the most amazing snow trip of your life. OFF-PISTE lets you experience the thrill every single time. 

10 mins for $20

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Here’s what’s included:

  • 10 Minutes on The Summit
  • Free Ski Boot Hire
  • Free Instructor Training
  • Terms are Summit Simulator only - excludes kids 12 and under

10 mins for $20

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