2019 Snowmester Program

Our brand new 2019 Off-Piste Snowmester Program is designed for skiers and snowboarders both beginners to advanced, who want to learn the skills and technique required to master the mountain. The program has been developed within the Skytech Sports simulator training guidelines in conjunction with recommendations and training references from the teaching manuals of the Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors APSI. We offer professional instructional training and coaching for individual progression with each session.  At Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard we believe it’s extremely important to personally understand the level of your ski or snowboard experience and ability so together we can assess what’s required over time to reach your goals. We have created a system to help you advance your skills and technique at the correct pace regardless of whether you want to improve your skiing over the year or train at a competitive level.

Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard provides you with access to all year, simulated training on powerful urban slopes!

1. Training Focus

The Snowmester Program focuses on building skiing or snowboarding skills, strength and endurance conditioning and technical mastery of your chosen discipline. We provide experienced coaching to build racing skills at every level, train for gate awareness, correct gate timing and rhythm for your event. The program offers training for both Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines.

This is a one-on-one supervised coaching program where you will be able to work on tailored progression and receive individual feedback assessments.

Students are encouraged and highly recommended to train regularly and consistently in order to achieve optimum results from the program.

2. Level System

The Snowmester Program is based around a set 9 level system that gives you the opportunity to train towards a certain level of skills, technique and competitive racing. Each level ensures that you train snow-sport specific skills including stance, edging and pressure control. Once you have completed the requirements for that level you will then be able to advance onto the next stage.  As the levels progress you will also work on racing technique, race lines, rhythm and timing with the ability to complete set challenges to showcase your new skills.

3. Programs and Simulators

Each Program focuses on your chosen snow sport discipline, individual training with a qualified instructor and real time feedback. We have rental boots available however it is preferable for students to train in the boots they will race in.

• Senior Snowmester Program – The Avalanche and The Traverse

Virtual Reality Trails: Endless Course + Slalom + GS Slalom + GPS Scouted Slalom and GS Slalom

The Senior Snowmester program uses our largest and most powerful simulator options, The Avalanche and The Traverse. These simulators combine faster acceleration and greater force to ensure more efficient training and a realistic experience. The Senior Program trains in both Slalom and Giant Slalom racing. The Senior Program is for all students over the age of 12 years from beginners to advanced in the chosen discipline, or to racing in general and is also recommended for Junior students (12 and under) with advanced skills and abilities.

• Junior Snowmester Program – The Summit and The Alps

Virtual Reality Trails: Endless Course + Slalom + GPS Scouted Slalom

The Junior Snowmester Program uses our compact simulator option, The Summit and The Alps which is aimed at Slalom training only. The Junior Program is for students aged 12 and under and for beginners to the chosen discipline or to racing. Please be aware that once you have purchased the Junior pack you will be unable to upgrade or transfer to the Senior Program.

4. Newsletter

For those who are interested, you will receive a monthly newsletter which is updated with the Top 10 leader boards for each age group and/or division.

5. Medal Ceremony

Save the Date: Monday 7th October 2019 from 2pm-5pm

Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard will be hosting a Medal Ceremony for our Snowmester Program members. We encourage everyone to attend and celebrate those who have improved significantly throughout the season. There will be an opportunity to chat with qualified instructors and coaches for extra tips and tricks to take with you on your upcoming overseas ski holiday or to get you ready for the next winter.

6. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Australia

The world’s leading youth achievement Award, bringing together practical experiences and life skills to create confident and committed global citizens and equipping young people for life. Since it was founded by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, over eight million people have participated in the Award in over 130 countries and territories. The Award was introduced in Australia in 1959 and inspires over 38,000 young Australians each year to undertake a Service, Skill, Physical Recreation activity and an Adventurous Journey, as part of their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

With the pre-approval of the student’s award leader, all training sessions undertaken at Off-Piste through the 2019 Snowmester program, will be documented and supplied to the student and can be logged in and counted towards Physical Recreation activity as part of the award.

7. Snowmester Program Pricing

Program OptionsNo. of sessionsSession LengthSimulator OptionsTotal Price
Junior School – Half1230 minThe Alps/The Summit$408.00
Junior School – Full2430 minThe Alps/The Summit$780.00
Senior School – Half1230 minThe Avalanche/The Traverse$816.00
Senior School – Full2430 minThe Avalanche/The Traverse$1,548.00