Ski & Snowboard Training for Intermediate / Advanced

So you know a few things about the snow & you might be pretty skilled and want to turn up the speed, well we provide it all for you here.

Our ski and snowboard simulators are the most advanced in Australia. Cutting-edge technology reproduces the exact sensation of going the slope. You can choose any ski resort in the world and skip the queue, while admiring the huge panorama screen in 4K resolution.

The simulator tracks every movement of your skis or snowboard. Multiple built-in sensors map all the parameters, such as the position of your skis on the slope and your edging angles.

Plus you can adjust the snow conditions, including hard-packed, soft or icy snow. It can also generate bumps on the slope and create mogul-like terrain.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Join us for your first 10 minutes for only $20!

Who It’s Perfect For:

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    Adults of all ages

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    Uni Students & Social Groups

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    Those who need a refresher

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    Those who want to stay snow ready all year



Ideal for Adults and the more experienced.

Larger and more powerful simulator with full-panoramic screen and HD projection for endless trails, slaloms and giant slaloms.

VR Trails: Endless Courses, Slaloms + Giant Slaloms

15 min$50
30 min$80
60 min$110

Let's Cross the finish line together!

Racer Pack 2019 | Get your Race On!

Results are crucial, so get challenged with our high intensity
3 x 30-minute session pack
The Avalanche simulator.

Add an edge to your training and Get your Race On with our simulators:
• Slalom
• Giant Slalom
• Gate Training
• Line & Rhythm
• Edging & Pressure control
• Stamina & Endurance
• Muscle Memory & Conditioning

Only $195.00

Let's Cross the finish line together!

Ready to Put Some Boots On?
Here's How Our 10-Min Trial Works

We want to provide you with an enjoyable and safe first time on the simulators. Checkout our easy 3 step process to see how it works for you to try us out.

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    Claim Your Session

    The first step is simple, click on the button to claim your 10 minute trial and fill out your details. You can book a time that suits you and pay for it online too.

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    Experience Everything at the Lodge

    Once you arrive at our lodge you’ll get to experience a winter-wonderland all year round. We offer free boot hire & include training from our team. 10 minutes might seem quick but you’ll enjoy every moment of it!

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    Get Snow Ready

    After your 10 minute session on the simulator we’ll provide you with some ideas on how to get you snow ready for an upcoming trip or stay in shape for next season.


Check out a few client testimonials and what they have to say about OFF-PISTE


Closest simulation to Skiing I have ever done! Staff are knowledgeable and friendly! A must for everyone no matter what ability!

William Hodgetts


It was an amazing experience for the whole family. Such fun skiing without having to travel to the snow. My children have never skied before and loved putting on their boots and heading down the slopes. Definitely recommend it!

Kathryn McKevith


So much fun! Pascal and his lovely wife were so encouraging and helpful and got my daughter skiing on her first time on skis... now she has the ski bug!! Highly recommended (worth booking the bigger machine for sure - more fun!) thank you so much!!

Belinda Kirkpatrick


We just came back from skiing/shredding Japan and my 3 boys were really missing it. They had a great time. We will be back soon!

Sally Oelerich